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Wildwood COTD : Major #10, The Wheel

The Wheel comes out to join us today. With this card, you can see a shirt being woven in the shade of some trees. On one side of the trees, the sun shines. On the other, the Moon is high and waning. Three cranes sit in the background beneath the waning moon while some unripe strawberries sit in the shade beneath the sun.

The Wheel usually indicates a time of change, the bad things going away and the good times rolling around. If you’ve been having lots of good times (and frankly, who has of late?) they’ll be rolling about again but you have a chance to rest. If not (and that is most of us) the good times will come about again. I have Annie Lennox’s “Saved the World Today”  going around in my head again.

And I am very pleased to see this card today. It’s been a good ten months since the start of the year and while there are a few business opportunities out there, they’ve been sparse. I do hope that this is an indication of my fortune’s changing, for the better!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #10, The Wheel
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