Wildwood COTD : Six of Arrows

On this fine Monday morning we have the Six of Arrows come out and join us. This card has the key word of “Transition” linked to it and it shows a boat sailing quietly through some water. On one side of the boat the waters are a little rough. On the other side, the waves are cool, calm and collected. The boat is slowly carving its way between these two alternatives with the aid of wind. Embroidered on the magnolia canvas sail are six red arrows, all pointing inwards, arrow head first.

What will I be transitioning between today? Well, I am reading at a Psychic Fayre this evening, so I have the balance and transition of mother and provider to small business woman and Tarot Reader to do. There are jobs around the house to be done, preparation for this evening to do and a whole list of other things to do before this boat sets sail. Trouble is, I think it already has done just that, so best I get back to guiding myself through these busy waters so I can get to my destination without too much stress.

But before I go, what are you going to transition between today? Where are you going? Are you making life easy for yourself? Or harder? Or is it somewhere between? Hard enough to challenge you but easy enough to enjoy the challenge? Such a conundrum to work out. I wish you luck!


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Wildwood COTD : Six of Arrows
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