Wildwood COTD : Ten of Bows

Today’s card is the Ten of Bows with the key word of Responsibility. And so, today my thoughts are racing away with me. Last night, while clearing out a mouse trap, I got hurt by my own stupid fault. I bashed my finger along the foot of the sofa and got a large sliver of wood wedged between my finger nail and nail bed. I thought I had gotten it out but I had not and today, my finger started to complain, swell and go bright red. Having had several toe nails removed, I suspected what was coming and spent most of the morning worrying about it and psyching myself up to go and get the nail & splinter removed.

So, heading for the nearest Minor Injury Hospital, I did just that, calling on the help of my father as you can never tell how long you’ll be in a hospital’s A&E department. Thankfully I didn’t go up to the larger Russells Hall, but to the Princess of Wales in Bromsgrove. I was seen very efficiently and thanks to Phil in the Minor Injury department, my nail has not had to be removed, but my hand is still somewhat numb, I can’t feel that finger and I’ve only just got the use of my middle finger back.

But the responsibility I have had today is of me & my children, to ensure that we’re looked after, that things still get sorted out and that the eldest is collected from school. But I will certainly look forward to my bed tonight!!


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Wildwood COTD : Ten of Bows
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