Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows

Today we have the Two of Arrows come out and join us. It shows a lady, possibly pregnant, sitting on a chair with a blindfold on. Her arms are crossed and she is holding two arrows, shafts upwards, across her chest while her left foot pins and holds a short bow. Above the lady’s head a set of scales sits in perfect balance. On one side of the scales we have a feather while on one site sits a pile of coins. To me, the scales aren’t really balanced and the fact that they’ve been painted that way is an illusion.

The Two of Arrows carries the keyword of Injustice and there are various ways in which this card can manifest. There’s possible injustice for the lady sitting down. There’s possible injustice for her decision, the scales above her, the people for whom she makes the decision against or for or her inaction. There’s so many possibilities!

However, since it’s been revealed that my eldest has recently been bullied at school, I am reminded that any early made conclusions could also cause an injustice. One must be careful, for perhaps things are not quite what they seem. One must trust one’s intuition. Time to ask my guide Africa for her help again!

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Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows
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