Wildwood COTD : #8 The Stag

Today, we feel the beat of The Wildwood itself in the shape of The Stag. He’s not quite Herne the Hunter, but boy, he’s not that far off either! Whether he’s just finished beating the drum or about to start, I am feeling the drum of nature beat slower and slower as the world here in the Northern Hemisphere turns colder. When it gets cold, I like to sleep. A lot.

What else does this Stag have for me for today? In RWS terms, he’s Strength. This fellow is a different kind of strength, but he still has that quiet inner strength about him that the RWS usually has. Only this Strength card is speaking right into the very fibres of my being, rather than triggering off a response in my brain.

Major 8, The Stag from the Wildwood Tarot

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Wildwood COTD : #8 The Stag
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