Wildwood COTD : Ace of Stones

Today’s Card of the Day is the Ace of Stones. It’s not an Ace I’ve pulled out before, so I’ve spent some time sleeping and thinking about it today. This stone is pretty buried in the ground. So today, I am being reminded or asked to set my foundation stones into the ground. These are my rocks, my anchors.

Put into the ground, they will cast my shadows and bathe in my light. I will use them to scrawl upon, draw my meanings and leave my mark for the future in the form of my two young children. Neither of them will be aware of today, but it will be a day that starts things being built for the future.

Today, I have been very honest, practical and down to earth: very stonesy of me! Some see me as the Queen of Stones (Pentacles in other decks) while others see me as very much more Knight of Arrows (Swords & Hawk) or Page of Vessels (Cups & Otter). I change, as most people do in life and in a day, I can use most if not all aspects of every Court card. I feel that they’re a part of us.

However, today, lets just get the foundations right, shall we?
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Wildwood COTD : Ace of Stones
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