Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels

Today’s card of the day was drawn out rather late. I had forgotten I had not written today up, so apologies, but this might be a little brief.

Today’s card though is the Eight of Vessels, with the keyword of Rebirth. Here you can see three smaller vessels pour into a larger one which overflows to four others before flowing down to and out of the river to flow past and away from us.

It’s an emotional rebirth, given that it is Vessels. One part of us has been cleansed, ready for the last steps to take to emotional fulfilment. We often have to shed old skin, clear out the old before we can accept the new. That is the way these things are.

So what do you plan on letting go between now and Yuletide? For me, today, it’s frustration, disappointment and anger that has to go. One fuels the other which fuels the other. It’s time to change how I think. As @Mimiraj has said to me before: it takes time to change your thinking from a negative to a positive one, but it can be done! And while I do okay on that front most of the time, I, like most other mortals, fail every now and again when my ego gets too big for its boots.

Card of the Day - Eight of Vessels
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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels
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