Wildwood COTD : Six of Vessels

Today the six of vessels comes out to offer its thoughts on the day. The key word for this card is “Reunion” and today it was a day for that. There was the return to playgroup today for A, so he got to play with his little friends. I also retrieved a dog for a local disabled man. His gate wasn’t fitting well after the night time rains. Somehow, his dog got out through the semi open gate and decided to go and have a walk on his own. Not a bad thing, but I know that the dog is not meant to be out on his own. Since I was driving, I pulled up and grabbed the dog lead I keep in the car and call him to me. He came, eventually and I got him into the car and took him home.

Of course, the owner was out, no scooter was there, so I assumed that he’d gone looking for the dog on the scooter and stayed at the house with the dog and my toddler. Less than 10 minutes later, he was reunited with his owner, barking away happily, none the worse for his adventures. The old man was rather anxious when we met up, and he decided to go and have a cup of tea before calling to speak to the Council about repairing that gate of his. I know that the old man is lost without his dog, he really loves that animal and when I saw them reunited, I could see that the dog loves him back, unconditionally.

That I feel, was my good deed for the day.

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Wildwood COTD : Six of Vessels
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