Wildwood COTD : Three of Bows

Today’s Card of the Day is the Three of Bows, with the keyword of Fulfilment. When I was shuffling today, yesterday’s card and this card fell out together. I had to reach out to grab this one before it fell onto the floor. Does that signify anything? Perhaps I need to stretch myself a little in order to be fulfilled, perhaps.  But I entered that cave from yesterday, today. Things aren’t going to change by sitting on my rather fit bottom, staring at the challenge in the face, now is it?

But here we go… once more into the breach I go! I just hope I have the sense of fulfilment by doing it! 🙂

What else can this card teach me about today?  The book says that nourishment from a spiritual source gives inner security and joy. Goals and desires are reached, making life rich and emotional scrutiny and a sense of completion.

So, putting my name into the hat for Chairperson of TABI was in the cards before I had even finished putting it together. Don’t you just love the Tarot when it does that?

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Wildwood COTD : Three of Bows

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