Wildwood : Permissions

This might seem strange to post, but given certain posts over the last 24 hours from certain Tarot quarters, I feel that I must.

Please remember that I have permission from the artist Will Worthington to use the images for this Card of the Day. I’ve had it since May and I have it because I asked him. I also have permission from Mark Ryan and John Matthews to reference the book that comes with the deck.  This Card of the Day slot is used to promote The Wildwood Tarot, to give people an insight into how the cards work (or how I feel they work!) compared to most RWS or past experience.

Card of the Day
The Seer

I also use this to promote my site and provide something slightly different. When I started with this Blog, the Wildwood had only just come out. I’ve fallen in love with this deck and I feel a different connection to whatever connects me to be able to read the Tarot. I want to share that and yes, I want your business, but I offer more than The Wildwood in that regard.

I protect the site so that it cannot be copied for that reason. I spend time working with this deck and Mark and the other chaps have spent a lot of time putting The Wildwood together. Please respect that.

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Wildwood : Permissions
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