Wildwood COTD : 4 of Bows

Today’s Card of the Day (and last until December 29th) is the Four of Bows, with the keyword of “Celebration”. Do I really need to elaborate on that keyword at this time of year? For some like me, this is a time of celebration and joy. Having children does that to you, for the main part. For some it is not, for a whole host of logical and understandable reasons. I saw this post on a friend’s Facebook wall before I pulled my Card and this is what he said:

Life has so many ups and downs. I, admittedly, have had more downs than ups, but life really is what you make of it. If you dwell on negativity, then you attract negativity. Think positive and your life will improve. Don’t fall into the same place that I did. I thought my life would stay the same, and I’d never get anywhere, but by thinking differently, things have improved for me. It may not be in a monetary sense, but there is a lot more to life than money. Money can’t buy happiness…sure, you can keep up with the Jones’s, etc, but is it really *that* important? The miracle of life is a great thing in itself. I wish everyone happiness and love in this festive period. xx

So, for Michael Denholm and his partner, all my Tarot friends, you who reads my blog, for all those comments back and providing me with more food for thought, I share with you this card for the Christmas period.

Merry Christmas!

I’ll be back with you on the 29th of December as I’m taking a few days off. Yes, to celebrate!

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Wildwood COTD : 4 of Bows
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