Wildwood COTD : 5 of Stones

Card of the Day - 5 of Stones

Today’s Card of the Day is the Five of Stones, with the keyword of “Endurance”. As you can see from the picture, a child sits as close as he can to a fire in the mouth / entrance of a cave while a storm unleashes in the background. I feel that the child is cold, seeing his (is it a boy?) arms wrapped around his legs, hugging himself to stay warm. If you notice, he’s also sitting out of the wind.

What does this have to tell us today? Today might be a day to keep one’s head down and get on with what is actually essential, such as surviving, keeping warm, fed, clothed and safe.  In this early stage of winter, it’s a hard thing to do.  This is the start of the darkest two months of the year and in the middle, we will celebrate Christmas, Yuletide, Candlemas or whatever name you wish to give it. It’s the darkest point of the year, so snuggling up in front of a fire with the family for me, is a good idea!

Until then, endure any hardships and stay out of the wind!


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Wildwood COTD : 5 of Stones
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