Wildwood COTD : 6 of Vessels

Today’s Card of the Day is the Six of Vessels with the keyword of “Reunion”. I have turned this card over quite late in the day, just before I retire for the evening. And boy, am I pooped!

Card of the Day

However, I looked at this for a moment and thought: I know exactly what this is going on about. Had I drawn this card this morning, I would not have a clue what it was referring to.  However, after a busy day, I can say that yes, I do know what it’s saying.

Let me tell you a little story. A number of years back, there was a falling out between two people. These two people, for reasons I shan’t go into (nor do I recall all the events surrounding their falling out, that clearly) have not spoken for almost 2 years, and it was about a year before that when contact was broken. So, say 3 years in total with little or no contact.

Yet, today, a card arrives from one to the other, in which a little note was written and seasons wishes for the other and their own are given.

I was the one who received that card today from someone I had thought I’d never hear from again. And it has surprised me and made me ponder for these last 4 or 5 hours. Why now, after so long? How do I react? Do I reciprocate? Do I even wish to reciprocate? Where is their address?

I have decided I shall reciprocate, but it cannot be done until early next week. Until then, I have other friends to go into reunion with. And time is running out to get everything organised on time!


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Wildwood COTD : 6 of Vessels
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