Wildwood COTD : #6, The Forest Lovers

Today, the card of the day is a card from two days ago, the Forest Lovers. Again, we are graced with the presence of Marion and Robin, betrothing themselves to each other in a hand fasting.

Today, I got to meet my husband’s cousin’s youngest two: They’re 3 and a half and nearly 2. I have only seen them from pictures and heard about them via connecting with their mum on Facebook. It is amazing how quickly time flies and how quickly the children grow.

What does this card say to you today? For me, it’s a reminder of loving and living in the moment, to appreciate the time we have with our loved ones, for it’s all so fleeting.

The Forest Lovers
The Forest Lovers - Robin & Marion
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Wildwood COTD : #6, The Forest Lovers
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