Wildwood COTD : 8 of Vessels

On this New Years / Hogmanay Eve, another brilliant card comes to join us. It is the Eight of Vessels and instead of the mourning and the “walking away” we have in the RWS, we have a far more optimistic and joyful card and keyword. The keyword is “Rebirth” and as you can see from the picture, there’s a lot of water flowing towards and past us.

Card of the Day - Eight of Vessels

What has flowed down from those little cups into the bigger vessel? What should you let go of? For me, I should let go of the challenges in 2011 I did not manage to overcome or the tasks I did not do or complete. It was a “5” year for me (The Ancestor in this deck or the Pope / Hierophant in RWS) and this year, I move up a card into my own Birth Card, to a 6, The Lovers.

So, whatever 2012 has in store for you, let go of the past, you cannot change it. Embrace the future, for it is what you make it. And as a friend of mine (Anne Marie Kell) has posted to my Facebook wall:

_./’\._¸ .•¤**¤•.¸.•¤**¤•..•¤ **¤ •.¸.•¤*
*•. .•* *Happy new year I hope 2012 is amazing for you x
/.•*•.\ ¸ .•¤**¤•.,.•¤**¤•.*.•¤**¤•.¸ .•¤ **¤•


I shall leave you to ponder and celebrate the bells while I set to work on a very large, New Year Spread. Best of luck to you all and please, stay safe!! 🙂

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Wildwood COTD : 8 of Vessels
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