WIldwood COTD : Major 16 – The Blasted Oak

Today’s Card of the Day is one of the Majors: The Blasted Oak (or The Tower in RWS deck).

Card of the Day
The Blasted Oak

This card is usually about change and enforced changed. The usual meaning is that you’ve been hiding under a rock or in a tree, watching things change, knowing it’s going to come to you but you’re avoiding it. So, the Universe is going to give you a swift kick up the proverbial bottom and make you do it.

Tough if you don’t want to do it, it has to happen, you need to walk this way, not that way! I find that the Universe does this if you really haven’t been paying attention to what’s gone on around you, trusting your intuition or trying to pretend it’s not happening. I’m afraid it is happening and since one has not listened, you’re going to be made to listen!

So, today’s pile of questions with this card: Are you listening? (Heck, am I?) Do you not want to listen? Why not? If you don’t change and move, you risk being miserable. So, perhaps you need to do yourself a favour and go with the flow and jump, before you’re pushed!

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WIldwood COTD : Major 16 – The Blasted Oak
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