Wildwood COTD : Major 16, The Blasted Oak

Welcome to the flip side of the Christmas break! We’ve still got Hogmanay to come, but for now, the madness that is Christmas / Candlemas / Yuletide or whatever name you give this part of the year, it is over. For another 360 odd days!

Card of the Day
The Blasted Oak

So, what have we to learn from the Tarot at this time of year? The answer is, still plenty. Today, we have The Blasted Oak, or The Tower, come and pay us a visit. Something has hit my world and while I might not feel the effects right away, chances are it will rock my foundations and take me “out” of whatever comfort branch I have thus far, found myself in.

This big change has probably announced itself on the breeze: so slight was the notice, I’ve missed it. It won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last. But with The Blasted Oak come good things. It stops one being complacent, any old baggage (emotional or otherwise) that you ought to get rid of, but really didn’t want to, now goes due to you being forced to.

So, are you jumping or being pushed? Which do you prefer?

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Wildwood COTD : Major 16, The Blasted Oak
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