Wildwood COTD : Major 8, The Stag

Today’s Card of the Day is another of the Major’s, Card 8. In your RWS Decks, this is often Strength, but The Stag has a totally different take on that.If any one character in this deck reminds me of Herne the Hunter, this is it! (Thanks very much in part to Kip Carpenter and Robin of Sherwood!)

Major 8, The Stag from the Wildwood Tarot
Card of the Day

He is the Forest Guardian. As you can see, he is half human, half animal (a Stag) and he looks at me with a calm gaze. One reaps what one sows and the concept of forgiveness and reward do not apply here. He speaks of balance of the World, of dispensing long lasting Justice: He can be merciful and irrevocable in the same moment.

I have to ask myself: What does he want? Have I broken some ancient law? I do not think so. He speaks of Balance on a Worldly level, but he also speaks of balance on a personal level. The keyword he reminds me of is responsibility. I have a responsibility to my family, my children, the animals and pets we keep and look after. I have a responsibility to the generation I have born and to those yet to come to help keep this earth usable and safe. I am being asked to act with honesty and integrity and above all, be true to the soul I carry. I also have a responsibility to others. What society wants, does not matter. What matters is what is true, right and appropriate.

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Wildwood COTD : Major 8, The Stag
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