Wildwood COTD : Three of Arrows

Today’s Card of the Day is the Three of Arrows with the key word of “Jealousy”. I struggle with this keyword, especially when I don’t see any jealousy being raised by others or within myself. So, why that key word? It’s one Mark himself has associated with the card after working only with The Greenwood for 20 odd years. I can’t argue against that, but I can struggle to put 2 and 2 together and make it equal 3 in this case.

Card of the Day

However, it does still speak of heart and mind in conflict and that I can understand. So, how has this manifested today? It could have manifested in a number of ways, from buying a pot of honey from a friend who managed to harvest a whopping 75 jars of yummy locally made honey from his 2 hives, to another friend who looks shattered enough to have gone to sleep on his feet!  Another friend who has a simply gorgeous 4 week old little boy and she is managing quite well…. But I was not jealous or made to feel inadequate. I hope I did not make anyone feel that way today either!

So my question is this: what has made you jealous? What makes others around you jealous? Can you do anything about it? Should you? There’s a saying: You can’t please everyone all of the time, so don’t try. And I do not.


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Wildwood COTD : Three of Arrows
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