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The subject of the Tarot Round Robin, “How can I be a better candle?” Before I tackle that question, let me indulge in the thought of what candles themselves are, for a moment. Personally, I wonder how many of us use them? I use them a lot. I use scented ones to scent the house, I like one lit when I’m reading the Tarot, even if it is only a tea light with a mirror at the back to reflect the light. It is also nice falling asleep with one scenting the room (don’t worry, hubby blows it out when he comes to bed, usually later than I do).

When I am reading the Tarot, as I said above, I like a candle burning by my side. For me the candle is a symbol of truth, reminding myself and my sitter to be as honest and truthful as is possible. It’s also a personal nod to the South and the Watchtower / Element of Fire (if you’re Pagan or Wiccan, that statement will make more sense) and to remind us that the small light within burns, even when we look away or can’t be with it any more.

Now, onto the question. How can I be a better candle? I believe our inner candles aren’t like tea lights, or scented candles, as nice as they are. Our inner candles are as infinite as our lives and sometimes, just as fleeting. Our lives can be over in the time it takes to snuff a candle out if we are careless, or nature can cruelly take it away in the form of a nasty disease, from which we have no current cure. (Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” comes to mind right now)

In order to be the best light we can, we need to shine in the darkest corners and encourage  others to shine their candle lights too. Sometimes this means being brave and standing up tall. Some people’s lights are so bright, they’re like the Sun and we forget then to carry on letting our own light shine. Take the Sun people as an inspiration on how brightly you can show your inner light, but always let your candle shine.

Whatever light you let shine, which ever other candle blessings you hold close and call family or friends, let them shine, don’t let them burn out too quickly and try not to dwarf their light with your own.

I wonder what Marilyn has to offer us on this same subject? Time to hop to her blog and see!

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How can I be a better candle? – Tarot Blog Hop

7 thoughts on “How can I be a better candle? – Tarot Blog Hop

  1. Lovely post, Louise! Lighting a candle when reading the cards is a way of clearing negativity, centering and bringing focus to a reading. It’s such a simple thing to do yet it changes much – just like shining our inner candle changes things for better in the world.

  2. Greetings, Louise! You provided some lovely light of communication and organization for the Tarot Blog Hop. Thank you so much for that. Blessings on you Blog filled day!

  3. I’ve had Elton’s song about Marilyn in my head all morning as well, Louise. Lovely blog with some great reminders of how to honor our inner flame.

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