Wildwood COTD : Ace of Bows

Today’s Card of the Day is the Ace of Bows: The Spark of Life. I decided today to let my toddler son pull out the card. He’s been fascinated with “Mummy Cards” since he was allowed to play

The Spark of Life
Ace of Bows ~ Spark of Life

snap with his big brother. So much to teach him!

But that is not all. From the deck you can see that the man made bow, rough and unrefined, is strung, with an arrow knocked wrongly, but still somehow, this utensil has created fire. From the fire, several things come: warmth, light, the ability to cook food, destroy, die, live and breath. There’s suddenly quite a lot this little fire can do in the middle of the Wildwood.

My Spark of Life today was meeting a new TABI Member, who is about to undertake Face to Face Reading, having been trained by Zen in Birmingham. Nervous would be putting it mildly apprehensive, worried and hoping to do the learning proud would be an accurate description!

However, having spent several hours with him, I think he’ll be fine. There were a few things that he had not considered and a few things he had. He cares and it shows, for the reading he did for me at the end so reflected him as well, for he picked up on that, not I.

To Terry: Good luck! You’ll be fine!
To Kate:  He’ll be fine!
To TABI: He’ll be an excellent FR Asset!

Now to the wine, the new cat, the dog and the last of the current series of Sherlock!

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Wildwood COTD : Ace of Bows
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