Wildwood COTD : Ace of Vessels

Today’s card of the day was picked out by my eldest boy, who is home sick today. And so I wonder, what does this card  have to share with us today? The Aces are the start of a suit.

Ace of Vessels ~ The Waters of Life
Ace of Vessels ~ The Waters of Life

From here, we can see a huge vessels flowing down to create a waterfall, in which a yew tree grows near, a swan swims, a leaf floats and a stag drinks. These waters fulfil every one’s needs, which are all different. The Yew tree provides shade and shelter but it still allows the waters of life to flow.

What does this mean for today? Well, we could be any one of these animals, living and drinking the waters of life. We could provide someone with enough emotional security to be safe and comfortable, as this Yew Tree and waterfall are doing. Vessels relate to the emotions, as Cups do in the RWS. So are you providing a natural, safe, emotional base for someone? Yourself? Family? We can but try and I wonder today what will happen in that regard.

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Wildwood COTD : Ace of Vessels
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