Wildwood COTD : King of Arrows

Today’s Card of the Day comes to us after the fantastic and successful Tarot Blog Hop posts by over 30 blogging Tarot-ists! (Scroll Down to my Candlemas Blog Hop post to hop on and explore it all!)

King of Arrows - Kingfisher

Today the King of Arrows joins us and is represented by the Kingfisher in this deck. In Shamanistic terms, the Kingfisher represents an ability to express oneself, able to go into the unknown without fear. It also represents a connection to past lives and is a powerful teacher.

However, from personal experience, this King is a messenger or an indication of news landing. The news may or may not be good news, it probably won’t be sugar coated but you can bet it’ll be delivered as direct and as colourfully as possible. We personally received news today that was not unexpected, but certainly direct.

Now, I listen to Radio 2 in the mornings, I like Chris Evans, he’s funny and I love the traffic reports. However, whomever the gentleman who came on about the Isle of Man TT Movie, and quoted a biker who has raced the TT, said:  “Just because you’re breathing does not mean you are alive” was certainly prophetic! The “Pause for Thought” as well was certainly rather fitting about an hour later!

So, what news will you receive today? How will you deal with it? Will you try and hide from the directness of the Kingfisher’s flight path? If so, I doubt be able to hide. Reminds me a little of a Meatloaf song (Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through): “You can’t run away forever, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a good head, start

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Wildwood COTD : King of Arrows
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