Wildwood COTD : Major #1, The Shaman

Today’s card of the day is a reminder after yesterday’s Major, The Woodward. This fella has found a great place in The Wildwood in which to sit and work his magic. His tools are to hand,

Major 1 ~ The Shaman

the small fire, a nod to the Watertowers of the South, smoulders between us. It looks like we’ve stumbled across him and he’s not impressed at all. He might let us stay if we’re quiet and do not interrupt and pay attention.

He reminds me that the tools for the Magic that is me, is within me, I can create the Magic where and how I please. I just need to use them and remember that they’re there, that I can use them and that it’s up to me to do what must be done.

And so, I calm myself. It’s taken 24 hours, but I’ll manage it. And if I ever needed my soul recharged, the affirmations that I am who I am, then this is it! Gosh, what a great card to remind me that I am magical, special and most importantly, uniquely, me. No one else is the same. My sister is close, my best friend is the of the same mould, which was broken quite a long time ago (not saying when!) but is anyone the same as me? Hell no! And after standing your ground, remember this power. It is real.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #1, The Shaman
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