Wildwood COTD : Major #11, The Woodward

Today’s Card of the Day sums me up pretty well today. For lots of different reasons today, I have felt rather defensive, on edge. As you can see from the image, he’s rather dour (probably a Scotsman!), Viking looking, stern.

Major 11 ~ The Woodward

The 11th Major in the Tarot can switch between Strength or Justice, depending upon which order the creator decided to put them into.

With the Wildwood, it doesn’t have either Strength of Justice in it. It has a mixture of both in equal measure. The Lynx by his feet is like a powerful piece of aggression that I want to let loose, but truth be told, I doubt I could deal with the consequences, which is why, mentally, I have to have him on a leash.

Like the Woodward, I have tried to stay vigilant, be fair. And it has been tough. It’s solitary. And I really ought stop clenching my jaw when I’m tense… it’s not fun dealing with the headache.

Retrospectively, after several hours of sleep, I also take on board that like he is, I need to stand my ground and let the lynx’s power blend with my own, rather than keeping him (the lynx) on a leash. So, off the leash he comes and stand my ground I shall!

What does he have to share with you? Do you want to hide or do you want to stand your ground? I’ve finally worked out what I want to do, several hours (10)  later!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #11, The Woodward
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