Wildwood COTD : Major #13, The Journey

Welcome to The Journey Card of the Wildwood, or Death as it is known in the RWS. Here we see a crow, taking the last of the sinew from a skull. Nothing is left behind, nothing that can be reused is wasted. The crow helps transform the skull from corpse to bone, taking it along another step on it’s journey to dust.

Major 13 ~ The Journey

Death in the Tarot very rarely means that. It’s a card of Transformation, of a metaphysical journey or a self metamorphosis. The stag / deer has lived its life. The crow wastes nothing. Even in death, the deer is able to keep the cycle of life going.

So the question(s) today, are about what do you need to leave behind that you do not need, but someone else can use? It does not have to be anything physical, though it can be. It can be an idea, baggage, emotional nonsense. It could be a bad situation that you need to transform within so you can “get out” and leave them to “pick over your bones”. Who would do that to you? Do you need to get out now, whilst you can?

There are a lot of questions with this card today and I ask myself: what will I do that will positively transform me today? I’m still working on that bit.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #13, The Journey
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