Wildwood COTD : Major #15 ~ The Guardian

The Card of the Day today is from the Major Arcana and is Card 15, The Guardian. He’s the main scary dude in this deck and trust him to appear on Friday the 13th!

Major 15
Major 15 ~ The Guardian

As you can see, he is the skeleton of the White Bear, the ancestor of the Polar and Brown Bears. However, he is scarier than usual because he is in skeletal form, there’s no muscle, sinew or fur to give him a more “human” feeling.

So, what can he possibly represent? Today, he’s a challenge that needs to be over-come. Stand there with your knees knocking, your fear showing and you won’t get any further. Stand your ground, hold your head up and if you have any fear, it’s time to swallow it and use it constructively and not let fear rule you.

So, time for to follow my own advice! But if you want an in depth, professional reading from me, see this page and book your reading slot today.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #15 ~ The Guardian
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