Wildwood COTD : Nine of Bows

Today we have a card that commands respect, though he’s not from the Major Arcana, I wouldn’t like to annoy him too much by being cheeky or disrespectful! He is of course, the Wodwose from the Nine of Bows and his keyword is Respect. He appears when our human desires and integrity are being challenged.

Nine of Bows - Respect

Now, what could he be commanding respect for today? What challenge must I over-come today? Respect I feel from others to me. I should be commanding it, like he is. And from two cheeky little boys, I hope I’ve done that today! It’s an ongoing task with boys. Heck, it’s an on-going task with young children in general!

This fellow also tells me that I need to offer and give respect too. Not just to him, but for the people I interact with on Facebook, Twitter, at school, when out shopping… in general every day life.

Reading the book, he also reminds us to be respectful of the quests we are on, the personal improvements we undertake at this time of year (which, just after the New Year, are common place) but instead of thinking: I will give up X, how about: I will do Y?  Not, I’ll give up being lazy, but I’ll get out and exercise more? Change your view points to be more respectful of yourself too. You’re wonderful, you were born wonderful and you are exactly who you are meant to be. If you are not happy, only you can change it in the end. But a Tarot reading can help you get started.

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Wildwood COTD : Nine of Bows
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