Wildwood COTD : Queen of Stones

Today’s Card of the Day is the Queen of Stones, illustrated beautifully in this deck by (c) Will Worthington.  After a rather nice walk in the brisk fresh air, my soul felt lifted. I was in a good mood from around 10am and I will be until I go to bed.

Queen of Stones ~ Bear

My toddler pulled half the deck out and in the end, handed this single card to me. And right away, I felt myself relax a little. You get days when you’re on edge, hyper-active, running at 100 miles per hour, when in truth, you just do not need to. Today was a “you don’t need to run” day (Just Another Manic Monday by the Bangles comes to mind now.

And so today, for me, I was Mrs Bear: I wasn’t grumpy but I was in my “cave” (house) doing house chores today as and when I felt inclined to. I prepared the Haggis for tonight’s dinner, fetched the turnip and prepared everything to cook whilst I played taxi service. Homework for the eldest all done too. And not too stressed about it either! I even managed a smile today, a real, genuine smile. It’s been a little while since I’ve really smiled like that.

So today, for me, it’s a relaxing day, a Burns Supper and a decent Highland Dram of Laphroig Single Malt to finish it all off with. What are your relaxing plans today? Are you relaxed, or are you just staying in because it’s too cold out in the real world? Go out and breath in deeply. As this Queen has done, you do need to venture outside at some point each day. Be brave, go on!

I like discussing these cards, so feel free to comment! If you would like a private, in depth Tarot Reading, you can purchase yours from this page.

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Wildwood COTD : Queen of Stones

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