Wildwood COTD : Queen of Stones

Todays Card of the Day is the same as yesterday’s, despite me trying to avoid it. The first shuffle I did, the card fell out within a few seconds. I put it back in and shuffled again for a few minutes, then a card fell out. When I turned it over, I found it was still the Queen of Stones, so today, we have her again.

Queen of Stones ~ Bear

I did not spend all day here at home. I did venture out of my cave into the cold outdoors and at one point, was drowned for the pleasure of it. But, having a little one here at home means I can’t be stuck in doors all the time, even though, frankly, I wish I could have gone back to bed!

So, with the same card two days in a row, what does that tell you about your life? What message did you not heed yesterday? Did you, like me, not quite get the message?

Yesterday, I got the message to stay at home. What I missed, I feel, is that I should have retired to the bed in my cave and gotten an early nights rest. Well, I’ve finally understood the message, more so with warning signs of the migraine knocking in my head, teeth and eyes. So the message from the Queen of Stones can be added to: Look after yourself, rest (not just in the 4 of Arrows kind of way) and if all else fails, sleep until spring! Not a chance with work and kids, but at least, until the alarm clock goes off.

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Wildwood COTD : Queen of Stones
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