Wildwood COTD : Ten of Bows

Today’s card of the day is not as joyful as the card my eldest pulled out for us all yesterday! It is the Ten of Bows, or the Ten of Wands and carries with it the keyword of: responsibility.

Ten of Bows ~ Responsibility
Ten of Bows ~ Responsibility

In the traditional Rider Waite, the Ten shows us someone carrying ten wands or staves but with no idea why, it’s a burden to him. In this card, we see why he’s carrying ten bows. He’s carrying them to the camp fire / holding at the top of the hill. I don’t know if these Bows are for fuel or to be seasoned into bows to protect the village, but whatever the reason, this chap has the responsibility of getting them to that destination and it’s now within sight. He’s nearly there! That matches with the 10’s, for it’s at the end of the number run.

So, what responsibility to you have today that could very well be close to being completed? For me, it’s a reminder to get the TABI Conference finalised this week so it can be advertised from next week, as well as other TABI Responsibilities that need doing. Not to mention the usual ones that come with running a house and having two children to care for, one of whom is home all day, whilst doing readings for clients.

Well, these responsibilities aren’t going to get one sitting here posting about them! Time for me to go and get some of them done.

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Wildwood COTD : Ten of Bows
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