Wildwood COTD : Ten of Vessels

Today’s Card of the Day is the Ten of Vessels, with the keyword of “Happiness”. I have now Helen Shapiro’s song “Walking back to Happiness” going around in my head and it’s making me smile! Today, I have committed us to getting a rather gorgeous fluffy black cat. Now, whether the thought of a new addition to the family is making me happy or not, I do not know.  What I do know is, the mice had better watch the heck out soon!! I bet he’ll be a fantastic little hunter!

10 of Vessels - Happiness

But on a more meaningful note today, what can this card tell us? It can advise us to be emotionally happy with what we have: having too much and it overflows. Always wanting more can lead to dissatisfaction when we don’t get it. But, do we need what we are wanting? I have been busy with Tarot readings today (get yours here). Three months ago, or even five weeks ago, I didn’t contemplate having a cat in the house. However, the mice have driven me to distraction (it’s hard to do readings when you see them running around out of the corner of your eye) and I am fed up of them being in the house, squeaking away like they owned the place. It’s MY house. Mice belong outside in nature, not in my house, poo-ing over everything. The poor dog was having her food raided right from the bag too!

So, soon it’ll be a time period of stopping the cat and dog from fighting (hopefully, I won’t have to separate them too often!), no more mice and eventually, come the Spring Equinox (not hoping to have a harmonious house by Imbolc) all should be well in my house: again! That I am looking forward to and that thought, makes me happy! In the mean time, I shall enjoy my Sandlewood candle from Busy Bee Candles in Wales downstairs, my Blue Bell Wood upstairs and even a soak in the bath for just me tonight. Oh, what a Lush idea!

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Wildwood COTD : Ten of Vessels

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : Ten of Vessels

  1. It is amazing how two people looking at an image can come to polar opposite interpretations. Well, maybe not polar opposite, just peculiar counter-point. I was asking the spirit directly about itself, and keep getting this card. One time it fluttered out of the deck and hit the joint of the chair which was significance to me, and it was this card yet again. But I see it as the nature of the spirit in relation to us. The Source is the water, it flows into us the cups abundantly, fills us, overlfows giving very generously but individually to each (for a time) then flowing out into the all again. Like the mice — into the house then back out into nature. There is no forever dichotomy between ‘my house’ and the nature outside. And that true joy is both a generous giving and a relieving release. I too had a cat & mouse issue around this too. A stub-tailed mouse I really wanted my cat to kill. Then the next morning this mouse had somehow gotten into my toilet bowel and was swimming exhausted laps, giving its last gasp as I saw it. So I took the tadpole net, rescued the mouse, toweled it off, blew dried, gave some food and set in my barn. A month later I caught the stub tailed mouse dead in a trap. I gave it a christian burial outside in my sand pit. The coytoes dug it out again and set it at the edge of the sand pit between sand and turf. Why did I rescue the mouse? A while back I had dipped a fly out of the toilet. Later i was watching Robin Williams’ Fisher King where he’s telling the story of the Holy Grail. As I was watching a fly buzzed in the room, orbiting the lamp like it was a moth and not a fly. I stood and stuck out my finger. As the movie was telling the story of the Fisher King, the part where the little boy places the cup into the king’s hands because the king is thirsty, the fly landed on my finger 🙂 I love my cat, and hope you love yours, and understand if you don’t want to bathe with it. <3 <3 <3

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