Wildwood COTD : Three of Stones

Today the card was pulled out of a well shuffled and riffled pack by my eldest. He wanted to pick one for today and I smiled at him. “Is that a good card Mummy?” he asks. “Yes darling, it’s a great card!” was my reply. “Be creative today!” says I. “Maker!” shouts the youngest. Even at 5 and 2, they have a basic concept of what being creative is.

Three of Stones ~ Creativity

And creative they were, playing in the park with the dog and football in temperatures at around 5 Celsius. Both came back muddy and the lips on the youngest were going blue.  Both though, were quite happy!

And while they were gone, I took the chance for some me time, before the house chores were done and lunch was made before they all returned.

But in relation to the Tarot, what does that relate to? Well, you can see a woman tapping into the stone menhirs, tapping into the wisdom and knowledge of the Ancients. She’s put down her roots, trying to find the last piece of the proverbial fourth foundation (remember, 4’s are the squares in Tarot, the base and building blocks, like pyramids) in the wisdom of those that have gone before.

What will you learn from the ones that have walked the Earth before? Do you look for such wisdom? Do you day dream, apparently thinking about nothing? That I feel is tapping into the ancients. Of course, if you come across a treasure chest, keep it!

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Wildwood COTD : Three of Stones
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