Wildwood New Year Spread – 1/12 – January

Wheel of the Year Spread – Part 1 of 12

This Yearly spread comes in 12 parts and will come at the first of a month. Welcome to the first instalment of 2012. To start us off, let us look at the whole spread. Remember, there are 33 cards in this spread, so it’s quite big and it does pretty much take up all the space on my octagonal dinning table.

Wheel of the Year Spread

The centre card is Major #14, Balance. It shows two serpents, one red and one white, twisting around a juvenile silver birch tree trunk. They twist and turn in unison, two sides of the same coin.

Heart of the Spread
Major #14 - Balance

This is the theme for me for this year, even though I am in a 6 year after a tumultuous 5 year, this year is all about balance, family, business, finances and me!

So, what else comes up for me in January? The three cards you can see above from The Wheel are laid out with the following position meanings:

Monthly Card: Page of Vessels
What will help: Seven of Arrows
What will not help: Seven of Stones.

I took another image of just these three cards. Here it is:

January's Cards
The 3 for January

For me, I read the following meanings from all three:  For now, you’re unsure of what is being felt and you’re not awfully comfortable in the new environment or situation. You’re out of your comfort zone and everything needs examining and assessing. The insecurity will, believe it or not, help, for it will stop me being complacent and too big headed early on. Trying to mend bridges is amicable, but now is not the time to do this.

Well, being the new chairman of an established organisation or doing anything so new that is out of your comfort zone will do that to you. But as I sat down to deal out this spread, I saw the following image on Amethyst Mahoney‘s Facebook Timeline, and I feel that it rather fits with the whole of January. My thanks to Leslie Brown for drawing this up, posting it and allowing it to be shared.

So, I’ll post in February what happened in January and post February’s up in the same post. Keep them peeled!


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Wildwood New Year Spread – 1/12 – January
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