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Apple ~ Quert

For this week we have the Apple Tree. I’m sorry that this feature has been missing for a little while, I need to get back into it, and so I shall with this post. My thanks to Gary Ormond from Tarotholics Anonymous for getting me to pick this deck back up.

The Ogham, Quert

What do apple trees say to you? To me, they’re a sign of spring when they’re in full bloom. Apple blossom is so soft and scented…I like the way the return time after time, producing more apples each season.

Reading the book, apples are linked with immortality (and they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, now I know why) and was the Goddess Gia’s gift to her daughter Hera on her marriage to Zeus. Pity he never seemed to appreciate what he had, Hera had a hell of a temper on her!  However, another piece of mythology falls into place with the story of The Fairest Goddess. I had no idea that the number 5 was linked to Aphrodite or that the Star was too.

So, with that in mind, I find it no surprise now I understand wassailing a little more. It’s when farmers and country folk gather around apple trees, sing, dance and make a lot of noise (cider sure helps!) to drive off any nasty spirits, in order to keep the trees healthy and growing. The last of the fruit from an apple orchard is often left behind for the Apple-Man, a spirit who is said to be the tree itself.

What will you be grateful for this week? Who would you give your last apple to, or even a golden one, if you had the chance? Spring is beckoning, the icy grip of winter is coming to an end, finally, so I look forward to seeing my apple tree in bloom fairly soon! But I really must prune the crossing branches this year, so as to get a good crop.


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Green Man Oracle : Apple
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