Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels

Today is Sunday and the Card of the Day is the Eight of Vessels, the card in the Wildwood known as The “rebirth” card. After a week that could have gone much better on a number of fronts, I am glad to “be emotionally reborn” today and get things back in action, to plan and schedule and organised the way I like it.

Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth

Not that I am an obsessive or anything! Honestly, I am not! I just have a lot to do and if it’s not scheduled in, it just will not get done. Simple as.

So, on this “day of rest” what do we need to think about? What can we let flow back to the river of life but keep in our own little vessel? Do we need to take time to replenish our own vessels, our own souls? What have you done today to do that? What have I done? No idea, I’m probably feeding the kids their breakfast as you read this, but I will replenish my soul today. There’s music (taking the cue from yesterday’s card), there’s dance and there are always bubble baths. Oh, I now wonder…

Have fun, whatever it is you decide to do to replenish and rebirth your soul and gain some “me” time. Blessings!

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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels
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