Wildwood COTD : Five of Vessels

Today’s Card of the Day is the Five of Vessels. In the RWS, this is not a happy card. In this card, it’s not exactly as dark and depressing, nor it is the totally jovial and happy one that the keyword portrays, which is “ecstasy”. I find it’s a little forced in this card. My toddler’s current favourite phrase is: “Mummy happy now?” He can’t quite say “happy” it comes out more as “appy”, but even when I am not totally happy, I tell him I am and I smile broadly and laugh with him.

Five of Vessels ~ Ecstasy

Somehow, doing that makes me happy. It makes you think about making others happy and in turn, it acts as a contagion to your own psyche: you cheer yourself up.

So, while I have Blackmore’s Night “Home Again” going around in my head with this card (nothing unusual there with my clairaudience) I wonder what I’ll be forced to enjoy today. Will I have to be severely forced, or will I just go along with the flow? The Otter that is moi, says go with the flow and enjoy the day as it unfolds. You can’t always plan every little detail of a day (goodness knows, my Virgo and Gemini traits have tried to lots of times over the years!) so go with the flow.

What will you go with today? Go on, give it a try! You might just like it. You’ll never know, unless you try. Which is something my toddler with do, but my eldest will not. Kids, eh? (lol)

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Wildwood COTD : Five of Vessels
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