Wildwood COTD : Major 10, The Wheel (again)

Yes, I’ve drawn the same card twice. This happens quite a bit in Tarot, truth be told. However, I so thought I had gotten the message yesterday, to draw this out again means I either missed something (totally possible) or I’ve another stab at the cherry of success. I’ll go with both on this account! So, what is the message for today?

Card 10 ~ The Wheel

Catherine Green posted this comment yesterday, and I think it’s the “second bite of the cherry” for me, personally:

I like this card, it resonates with me. For me it means I have the tools to craft the results I crave. Now it is my job to use those tools and manifest my desires. I’m listening, and I’m working on it! Thank you.

So, if as Catherine says above, I have all the tools, what am I to weave? I know what I want to weave. Perhaps I should write it all down, make it clear to the Universe what I want? But one should be careful what ones wishes for: a) I might just get it and b) it might not be what I need. So, I need to be clear enough about what I want, but not how its to come to me and leave enough room for the universe to also give to me what I need. Certainly something more to think about with this card. Thank you Catherine!

This is the beauty of Tarot: a dialogue begins and the lights go on, you begin to wonder, you begin to say: I wonder. If you’d like to have such a conversation with me, via any medium you prefer, you can do so here. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you listen to the messages from the universe.

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Wildwood COTD : Major 10, The Wheel (again)

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