Wildwood COTD : Major #17, The Pole Star

Today we have one of the Major’s come out to join us. This card in RWS deck is known as The Star. It’s the card of hope and dreams,  renewal, astral consciousness and of destiny. We humans often look to the skies when we wish for good luck, for things to change for the better, whatever our reasons.

The Pole Star
Major 17 ~ The Pole Star

For me, this card is one of the Tarot’s “yes” cards. You want it? Really that badly?! Yes?! Well, you can have it! Now, get off your butt and go and get it done, make it happen!

What does The Pole Star say to you today? Is it a call for you to come up with your dreams? How about writing your dreams down? Or deciding which dream you actually want to pursue? Our own star, the Sun, burns brightly and gives us light, warmth and food. Its power is quite simply, extraordinary. The Stars in this card are  far away, but they circle around, as if part of a dream. Your dream. So, go and dream, dream a little dream and then live the dream.

Sleep well tonight!

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Wildwood COTD : Major #17, The Pole Star

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : Major #17, The Pole Star

  1. The Pole Star is so much better defined than the traditional Star, isn’t it? Sure, you can look at the stars and dream, but the Pole Star is about compass and direction and driving towards a goal 🙂

    Ali x

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