Wildwood COTD : Major #6, The Lovers

Today’s Card of the Day is one of my Birth Cards, The Lovers. As you can see from the image, we see a man and a woman, hand-fasting themselves to each other around a silver birch tree. Even in the depths of Winter, it is fairly easy to identify a silver birch. Their white trunks are rather distinctive.

Major 6 ~ The Forest Lovers
Major 6 ~ The Forest Lovers

To me, this always warms the cockle of my rather large, emotional, empathic heart. I can’t help but feel bundles of love when I think about people getting married, remembering my own wedding day and how things have changed from medieval times from simple ceremonies to the need (is it need?) for Churches and extortionate celebrations. Certainly, I wanted to get married back on the auld stomping ground (Scotland) and with as many close friends and family as we could muster and yes, it cost, but even if it could not have been afforded, the need to declare my love for the man I chose to father my children, was there. Even with no witnesses, these two have undertaken that vow.

So, what do The Forest Lovers have for us as a message today? There’s usually a few messages with this card. One is to love others in your life as you would a lover to whom you gave your heart. Another is to love your lover as you did the day you agreed to give yourself to them. One more is to love yourself.

Think of the three most important being that you love. Now answer this question: were you one of the three? If not, why not? How can you keep giving to others, if you do not recharge the emotional pool from which the love comes? Remember to take time out for yourself and for those that you love. And if you’re looking for love, remember, love attracts love so love yourself but importantly, go for a walk in The Wildwoods, in nature. You never quite know what you’ll find.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #6, The Lovers
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