Wildwood COTD : Page of Stones

On this rather cold, early February weekend, the Page of Stones comes out to play; represented in this wonderful deck by a Lynx. He’s a lovely putty cat, but don’t expect him to growl or meow at you, Lynx’s physically cannot do that. But he is so gorgeous, it doesn’t matter! The Page of Stones has a few tricks hidden within him though. I however, just want to scratch behind this kitty’s ears!

The Lynx
Page of Stones - Lynx

So, what do Lynx’s represent? In Shamanic terms, Lynx’s offer a keenness of sight, an ability of divination (which is what Tarot is, at the end of the day) a key to developing psychic senses, a keeper of all secrets and mysteries and a movement through time and space. It’s been a while did I did that, no doubt I will again fairly soon. (Information obtained from this site)

So the message this weekend, for today at least, is to listen, watch, wait, trust your senses, keep your secrets and move so silently that you are the tree and you cannot be seen.

Has any one seen a big blue box? I think I may need it for the movement through time and space thing….

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Wildwood COTD : Page of Stones

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