Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 2/12 ~ February

Wheel of the Year Spread ~ Part 2 of 12

This Yearly spread comes in 12 parts and will come at the first of a month. Welcome to the second instalment of 2012. To start us off, let us look at the whole spread. Remember, there are 33 cards in this spread, so it’s quite big and it does pretty much take up all the space on my octagonal dinning table.

The Wheel of the Year - Up to February


The centre card is Major #14, Balance. It shows two serpents, one red and one white, twisting around a juvenile silver birch tree trunk. They twist and turn in unison, two sides of the same coin.

Heart of the Spread

This is the theme for me for this year, even though I am in a 6 year after a tumultuous 5 year, this year is all about balance, family, business, finances and me!

So, what came up for me in February? The three cards for February you can see above from The Wheel are laid out with the following position meanings:

Monthly Card: Three of Arrows
What will help: Seven of Vessels
What will not help: Six of Vessels.

I took another image of just these three cards. Here it is:

February's 3 Cards

For me, I read the following meanings from all three for February:
Being jealous is just something you do when you wish you’d thought of it first, or gotten to something first. It’s an emotion you need to deal with, lest it becomes something it ought not to. The Seven for what can help? Grieving, mourning, healing. Letting go of the negative energies that caused the jealously to start with. What won’t help? Trying to reunite with what was lost, I feel.  So far, even at these early stages in February, those cards ring true. Dancing the dance of redundancy is not the most pleasurable dance one can ever manoeuvre to.

In January it was rather a new and daunting experience. I had a few issues to deal with and I am glad that I had my past experience as a manager to call upon. I was certainly insecure but I used that to my advantage, by being calm and collected and being aware of my insecurities. I didn’t let them rule me, for that would be to give into fear, not use it. For the Seven of Stones, I tried to spend my time healing by walking in nature, reminding myself that I am still breathing: which to some people, is still not a sign of being alive. I might not ride a bike in the Isle of Man TT Races, but I am certainly alive. I have so much more psychic connections being awoken right now, I know I am alive.

So, I’ll post in early March all that happened in February and post March’s up in the same post. Keep them peeled!


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Wildwood New Year Spread ~ 2/12 ~ February

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