Green Man Tree Oracle : Aspen ~ Eabhadh

Green Man Wisdom:Where all are gathered, strength is strongest.

This weeks Green Man Tree Oracle card is the Aspen. I don’t know too much about this tree, so most of what I am about to post will come from the book. However, I have a John Denver song coming through and it’s this one: Starwood in Aspen.

Aspen ~ Eabhadh

The card relates to working together, as nature does. Trees have put down roots, animals have colonized the natural habitats and have become stronger. We humans learnt the same pretty early on, which is why we build houses near each other, to help and support each other. Our own perceived lack of ability vanishes when we gather all our resources in one place and discover our own strengths and riches.

The Aspen is another of those “shivering” trees, those that rustle in the slightest winds. As such, they’re often linked with healing ailments that cause people to shake. This now reminds me of Windsor Davies and his song, “Whispering Grass”, specifically the line that goes: “Whispering grass, don’t tell the trees, cause the trees don’t need to know“.

Crowns of Aspen leaves have been found in countries that date back to 3000 BC.

Ogham ~ Eabhadh

That being the case, this tree was around for an age and a half and has been sacred for eons. Its said that wearing an aspen crown was supposed to ease entry to the Otherworld. I wonder if King Arthur wore one when he sailed to the Isle of Avalon? He probably did.

The tree Aspen takes its name from the Greek, “aspis”, which means “shield” and was used to protect against the faery kind. The Aspens also gives shelter to animals and as such, makes the Aspen pretty important to Shamans, because their spirit helpers often take animal forms and would need shelter etc. like any other creature.

So, this week, look out for Aspens. The trees are starting to bud, but like the Hazel, it is probably going to be one I walk past a lot but do not recognise in its dormant state.

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Green Man Tree Oracle : Aspen ~ Eabhadh

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  1. And I now know where the Aspens are in the park where I walk the dog lots. I shall take some pictures and post them up on my page. ~ PT

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