Green Man Tree Oracle : Fern ~ Ngeath

Green Man Tree Wisdom: Truth is the preserver of life

This week we have the gentle Fern tree come to visit us. It is the symbol of truth, which was an important aspect of the Celts. We teach our children to speak the truth when they’re small and learning, almost from as soon as they can talk, we start that life long lesson. There’s the cold, stark truth and there’s the personal truth. Truth preserved life itself, since if you lived life in a way that reflected the truth of the Fern, life itself was improved. What an interesting concept! That there is a tree for truth.

While the Fern isn’t technically a tree, it still has magical properties and we should bear in mind that life today is not the same as it was back then. The Fern is often seen first of all as a preserver, offering shelter to those in need as well as other properties, such as encouraging truthfulness.

Reading the book, I see it’s linked to the Summer Solstice / Lithia (somewhere around June 20th – 22nd, depending on the lunar aspect) and that the Ferns send their seeds out during the shortest night of the year at the Summer Solstice. Its seeds are so small, the naked eye cannot see them. It led to a line in the Shakespeare play, Henry IV, Part I, (I quote from the book directly here:) in which Gadshill says: “We have the recipe of fern-seed, we walk invisible”. So, does it offer invisibility, like the cloak from Harry Potter? Hardly, but the idea is a nice one!

However, you’ve more chance of plaiting fog than gathering fern seeds, from accounts here in the book, as you can only collect them on pewter plates. I don’t think that is the case, but I wonder now if the ferns are cultivated or farmed at all? My garden was certainly too full of them to not be planted. Interesting thoughts!

But this week, look for the truth and live by it, seems to be the order of the message. Living by the truth can be interesting and I suspect, it’s going to be somewhat hard!

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Green Man Tree Oracle : Fern ~ Ngeath

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