Wildwood COTD : King of Bows

It has been a while since any of the Kings came out to join us and we have the King of Bows join us today. Bows in this deck relate to Wands in RWS, so think King of Wands and you’ve pretty much got a basic idea.

Card of the Day
King of Bows ~ Adder

However, this is no ordinary King. As you can see from the image, this is a whole load of Adders! Snakes are not my most favourite animal on the planet, but I’m a live and let live kind of girl. To me, the King is not the one hanging from the rock above, but the one right in the middle of the snake foray.

Wands are fiery and a bunch of fighting snakes is not something I would want to be anywhere near either, thank you very much!

So, what situation might you find yourself in today that requires getting right into the middle of things? Adders, like most snakes, shed their skin. Do they do so for something greater? That is what the Adder represents in Shamanistic terms. In Celtic terms, the Adder is a symbol of the power of the Cailleach.

Now, I don’t propose that we hang on to Winter, nor do I intend on dropping rocks from my apron to make mountains, but I do like the idea of shedding the old for the new, of using my cunning and wisdom to help. That is what I like to do: to help. And start the healing process. Is that not the most common reason people come for Tarot readings? To start healing, by trying to understand? I feel it is the most common reason. When you would like to start that process, I am here.

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Wildwood COTD : King of Bows

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