Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows

Today we have the Knight of Bows sit and watch us intently. Foxes are such curious, opportunistic creatures that I like them when they’re not in my garden or near my chickens. But foxes have other skills to share with us and deep in The Wildwood, nature runs free and checks herself.

Knight of Bows ~ Fox

Foxes are animals of quick wit, camouflage, cunning, agility and magic. The last part I had not realised, but the cunning and agility are well-known. Foxes can move around just like cats, jumping over fences that normal domestic dogs cannot. I found out more here if you’re interested.

So, today, the Knight asks that we take a step back, observe, allow our intuition to come to the fore, be detached and clever, listen to the outer influences closely. Foxes, like wolves, partner for life, so if you’re looking for a partner or have one in your life, be devoted to them, share the work-load and not just used for our own ends.

How will the Fox manifest in your life today? Watch out for him, for I’ll bet he sees you before you see him! Enjoy your day, I know I shall, regardless of what I end up doing.

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Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows
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