Wildwood COTD : Major #11 ~ The Woodward

Today the Wildwood’s protector, show of strength and his powerful companion come out to join us. Today, they’re most welcome!

Major 11 ~ The Woodward

In the wild woods of old, I can quite easily see that there were areas (especially around villages) where protection was needed and required. Back in the very olden days, wolves would have been rather commonplace (hence the term, wolves-head) and any form of protection for areas that were farmed, lived in and used for hunting and gathering, were so necessary.

But what has he come to do today? He’s the Strength in RWS terms, and he offers us his silent, ready to spring poise for a lot of reasons today.

His bloodied spear in one hand and his cup of goodness knows what in the other (offering which  beverage, I ponder?) suggest that there is a rebalancing to take place. It’s about having courage to do what must be done, doing what is unavoidable, whether that be dealing with a person or problem that no amount of physical or emotional bravery will resolve.

There are a lot of things that we sometimes need protection from and sometimes we need to offer the protection. He’s a reminder that we are strong because we care, because we protect. Each of us does this in our own way, because of our own moral and ethical compasses. Not everyone shares the same position as you do, even someone close that you live or work with, closely or otherwise.

Your own ethical and moral compass is your own to act upon. May you have the strength to see yours through.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #11 ~ The Woodward

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