Wildwood COTD : Major #12 ~ The Mirror

Today, for the 1st of March (Happy St David’s Day to all my Welsh friends!) we have The Mirror come up for us. Not a single shade of yellow in sight, but that’s not an issue. The first thing that this card tells me is: reflection. Big style, internal, external, reflection.

Major 12 ~ The Mirror

It’s the Wildwood’s answer to the Hanged Man from the RWS: not a hanged man in sight!

So, what are we waiting for? What are YOU waiting for? What has this sylph of woman seen in the mirror to make her stop so? When I first saw this card, I joked with Alison Cross that she’d posed for this card image somehow. I always think of her when I see this and I cannot help it. It reminds me so much of her, the poise, the knowing, the inner contemplation, the wisdom…. Yes, it’s Alison!

Note the figure in the boat? Who could that be? Robin Hood, on his way to the final resting place? King Arthur, on his way to the Isle of Avalon? Or some other soul, on its way to its final resting place, the final rest?

For me, this is the hardest part of life: waiting! Life goes by so fast, just look at any child and you miss them growing up if you blink too much! Waiting though, is necessary at times. Sometimes, like this card suggest, you observe things you would not normally, just by being still. I hope I don’t miss life, sitting around and waiting today, but while I wait for whatever epiphany is due to bestow itself upon me via the crane, I am here to help, listen and interpret.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #12 ~ The Mirror

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : Major #12 ~ The Mirror

  1. Hi Louise,

    Yes it’s me again! I just had to say that this card is very appropriate for me at this time. I am waiting for answers from several people on a professional level at the moment, and the suspense is killing me! Here is just another message from Source advising me to be patient, to enjoy what I have now, and to accept that my journey will take time.

    Thank You

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