Wildwood COTD : Major #13, The Journey

Today, we have a card that says: Leave nothing behind that is of use. It’s the Journey card, the 13th Major in this deck and in RWS terms, it’s the Death card.

Major 13 ~ The Journey

Both cards have a very similar meaning. Both cards are about transformation. The crow in our card though, is an opportunist. What was once an alive, breathing, living animal, is now a corpse, feeding other creatures. Eventually, its skull will become dust. Things change. Everything does, nothing stays the same.  By the same token, nothing is forgotten.

So, what has the Journey got in ways of a message today? Which one are you first of all? The skull, being transformed or the raven, carrying out the transformation, the realignment?

What if you are both? Laying your bones bare in order to realign, transform yourself, face the inevitable?

And what if you do not want to? What is stopping you from doing that? Fear? Is this too extreme, too destructive? Well, as anyone who farms or grows their own crops, the old crops need to be taken away and the ground turned in order for the new crops to grow. More goodness needs adding into the soil too, if what you choose to plant is to thrive. It is the same of us humans. Letting the old strings that bind us slip away and remember things as they were, for then we recall where we came from. As we remember, we should go forth with joyful remembrance and go through this change with patience and calm. It is a leap of faith in the dark.

So, back to my usual barrage of questions: Which one are you? Why? What do you need to transform? Are you being calm and patient? (Probably not!) This journey is not to be feared: celebrate it and accept it as a part of life. Sometimes, knowing that we have to go through this, helps us do exactly that.

If and when you want my help, I’m here.

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Wildwood COTD : Major #13, The Journey

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  1. Whoa. One of the cards I always want to see in a deck is Death. This is a marvelous interpretation of this. Love this post and what you said–“old crops need to be taken away” hit home. Thanks!

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