Wildwood COTD : Major #17, The Pole Star

Today we have the Pole Star, which is the 17th Major in the Tarot, come and visit us tonight. It is the major dream card in the Tarot, the card that says: what do you want? Go and get it! No one but you is stopping you from getting it!

The Pole Star
Major 17 ~ The Pole Star

As you can see from the image, the magnificent Pole Star  is high and the other stars are swirling around the heavens as the lone figure emerges from the shadows of the forest. It means that the universal law, higher spiritual knowledge and power is at work around you. There is a lot of work going on that you have not quite realised yet.

Stars have fascinated me since I was old enough to look up at the stars, they’ve done that since the dawn of time and no doubt they will for many future generations.

There’s an unseen force guiding you, speaking to you through intuition, helping you to reach your dreams. It will help if you try and work out what you want from life, work out what your dreams are.

There are some good questions one can ask of themselves: What inspires me? What so I already know instinctively? These two questions hold a multitude of complex answers that can swirl in your mind, like these stars around the Pole Star. But this star is there to guide you. At the moment, Neptune and Venus are in close conjunction, they’re as close as they’re going to get for goodness knows how long. They might inspire each other, they might inspire you or someone close to you, in order that your dreams may be realised. Find your star and follow it!

Good luck! I am here to assist, when you need me.


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Wildwood COTD : Major #17, The Pole Star
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